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Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools


Artikelnummer S32139796
ISBN 0321397967
EAN 9780321397966
Autor Michael Raheem, Dima Sonkin, Thierry D\'Hers
Erscheinungsdatum 2006
Zustand Ladenpreisaufgehoben
Verlag Addison-Wesley
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Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools

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Authoritative Guides for Microsoft Windows and Server Professionals

Direct from Microsoft Insiders: the Complete Hands-On Guide to SQL Server 2005's Powerful Tools! Microsoft SQL Server 2005's high-powered management tools can dramatically improve DBA productivity and effectiveness. Now there's a comprehensive guide to SQL Server 2005's toolset, straight from the Microsoft team that created it. This book covers the entire toolset in unprecedented depth, guides database professionals in choosing the right tools, and shows them how to use various tools collectively to solve real-world problems. The authors present "how-to" solutions and never-before-published tips for SQL Server 2005 installation, upgrades, configuration, authoring, schema design, development, deployment, optimization, troubleshooting, and more.Coverage includes Understanding how SQL Server 2005 tools differ from their predecessors Leveraging the new Business Intelligence Development Studio and Management Studio to accomplish dozens of common tasks Improving security by reducing the "surface area" you expose Executing queries with the new Query Editor and SQLCMD query tools Optimizing with the revamped SQL Server Profiler and Database Engine Tuning Advisor Scheduling maintenance tasks with the SQL Server Agent Monitoring with the Activity Monitor, SQL Server Agent, and other tools Moving data efficiently and reliably with Integration Services Using SQL Server's new e-mail tool, Database Mail Managing replication in complex distributed environments Mastering SQL Server's Analysis Services' OLAP and Data Mining tools Using Notification Services 2.

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